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Better candidate data, Earlier notification of employee issues.


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Our service aims to help link people to their online persona. Hate speech harassment and inappropriate pictures sent to others is frequently left unaccountable.
We collect user reports of inappropriate behavior coming from email, text, and social media to monitor for results against your domains and phone numbers, to give you more advanced notice of possible employee issues. We will soon be adding search features for you to receive the same information from employee application information.

We do not classify reports ourselves, to best provide our clients the opportunity to make their own decisions about the supplied data.

 Use our tools to get better visibility into how your people represent your corporate presence online.
Our Vision

Our goal is help contribute to the clean up anonymous bullying, hate speech of all kinds, sending unrequested nude photos to strangers, and other forms of  online abuse.

The value we aim to add, its to help hold people accountable for what they do post online.


We have android and web apps that are free for users to upload screen shots, and describe what they are as well as who they came from.

Our business subscribers can  request searches, or have scheduled reports built from our cloud repository once available.

Our Story

The Uploadifier team is a group of technology folks that have been in IT since dial up. Starting back in the chat room, and Usenet days, we have seen the Internet evolve from something that was considered a fun hobby, to the main interface for people, and companies to present themselves to the world.

Who are we

How it works


Once verified, clients can purchase a subscription for reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Clients then work with a customer service rep to set up their subscription.

Cost Effective

Subscriptions per domain are:

$1,000.00 Monthly

$2,000.00 Weekly

$3,000.00 Daily.

Pricing is up front, and there is no time wasted dealing with sales teams.


We only accept clients from non free email domains at this time, Clients will be verified as representatives responsible for hiring or HR before they are allowed to create a subscription. Scheduled employee reports are only allowed for domains you own.


Also, there are no automated shutdowns. Reports are sent to designated parties in your company, so you can choose any action that needs to be taken.


We do not score, or rate reports. Each client can assess reports for relevance and importance. We believe each client, and the roles they have are different, so you can set your own level of tolerance for issues. Is one report too much, or does it take several? How many is several? The choice is yours to make.

How it works
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Request demo

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